Wednesday, 28 January 2015

On Weekend Break Dilemmas

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!!!!  It’s a cool, rainy, blustery day here in St Helens.  The sky is grey and yucky.  I would personally rather be in bed now, under my duvet watching a foreign language film (preferably Danish!) sipping on peppermint tea.    But I am in the office today.

So I am rocking a long sleeved red t-shirt styled maxi dress, a black waist cinching belt, my black knee high 5 inch stiletto boots accessorized with the diamante skull earrings that the gorgeous Suzanne bought for me.  Fabulous indeed!!!

So we are on Wednesday and that means that I have 2 more days until I am going to Amsterdam.  I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!  But there is a massive dilemma....yes, a huge dilemma.

You see, Ragers and Ragettes, when a girl like me goes on a mini break, the most important decision to make is what clothes I need to bring.  I leave on Friday evening and come back Sunday night.  So how many outfits and what outfits do I take with me?

These are the contenders for each day:  

Outfit number 1:  The outfit that I am wearing on the airplane. I am stuck between 3.  The first outfit is a jumper dress, leggings and flats.  Practical, comfortable and cute.  Outfit number 2.  Black jumpsuit, peplum jacket, gold belt with leopard print stilettos (roll up pumps in bag).  This is chic, sexy, with the option of doing a shoe swap when walking.  I am then ready to go out when we get there.  Outfit number 3:  Skinny jeans, burgundy vest top, cream blazer, stilettos (roll up pumps in bag for long walks) and blingy accessories (accessories make the outfit!!!!!!!!).  This is my favourite outfit of all time.  Chic but is it airport practical?

Saturday Outfit:  I will need an outfit for the day.  My plan for Amsterdam is to actually go shopping.  Amsterdam has some gorgeous vintage shops that I want to visit.  The lads want to go and get shit faced in the coffee shops/pot bars.  To me, not so much.    So to go shopping in a trendy European city, I need to look the part.  So maybe skinny jeans, black flats, my pink sparkly tank top, black peplum jacket.  And then in the evening, skinny jeans, leopard print heels, my cobalt blue cami and cream jacket with gold jewellery. 

Sunday outfit:  I’m thinking my favourite monochrome jumper dress with black leggings and black flats.  Chilled and ready for the flight?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  This is so hard to judge!!!  I honestly have no clue what to wear!!!  I am actually more stressed about this choice than most things right now!!!!  I mean, when you go to a place like Amsterdam, you need to get it right!!!!!

Amsterdam is a very chic and very trendy city (outside the pot smoking and prostitutes it actually is!!) and I know that in regards to food, it will be good for me as there are plenty of healthy restaurants.

Also this is trip is a biggish deal for myself and Simon.  Simon and I have been together now for 10 months.  People keep saying when is he going to propose and such.  We have talked about marriage in the past.   It’s something that we both want but the timing needs to be right.

So, whenever there is a big occasion or something like this weekend in Amsterdam pops up, I am on edge.  Will he propose? 

Because, Ragers and Ragettes, I don’t know how I feel about this now.   I love Simon, I really do but with how everything has happened so quickly, I feel like we haven’t had a proper courtship.  Also I have been getting bogged down with the whole living together thing.

As you know, I am an independent woman.  I had my own little place in Manchester.  My own home, my own life.  I wanted a boyfriend to share my life with.   To laugh, love, share stories, enjoy our lives and then get married and go on and live happily ever after.

Yes, I am getting this with Simon.  It’s a case of I got what I want.  Now what?  It’s scary getting what you want sometimes.  I don’t look at other men or imagine that I am with my Mr. Grey, a billionaire that loves to spank me and beat the shit out of me during sex.....I would rather do the spanking, thank you very much. 

My Betty Rage gut instinct is asking me, is this it?  Is this all?  Am I even happy?   I won’t lie, I do miss aspects of my old life in Manchester.  Living in the big city, doing what I want to do.  Not having to justify myself to anyone.  I can cook what I want and only clean up after one person.  Do laundry for only one person. Not have to worry about someone snoring and keeping me awake at night.

But the cuddles, the kisses, the sex, the compliments, the stability.  It’s a brilliant thing to have.  It’s what I have yearned for. 

I am feeling a bit jaded now about the whole thing.  I think I have a great base for my life it’s up to me now to get the second base....feeling successful in my own right.

Simon tells me that his business will be our business.  That’s lovely and nice but Betty Rage doesn’t accept that.  I don’t want to piggy back onto someone else’s success.  I want to make my own success and that is what I think that my task for 2015 will be about. 

So when I finally figure out my wardrobe for Amsterdam and I am in the beautiful city, I have a lot of thinking to do!

But until then, I need to get packing!!!!

So as always, Ragers and Ragettes, please keep your heads and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of Love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 January 2015

On Shakira and a Disrupted Weekend

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!!  It’s a cold and crappy day here in St Helens.  Today I am rocking my skinny jeans, a big red jumper and my knee high brown flat boots.  Normally I would wear heels but with the ice and cold, falling on the pavement doesn’t sound like a good idea!!!

I’m getting tired of winter.  I really long for summer!!!  And I am already looking forward to the next weekend.  My acrylics are in a right state (3 casualties!!!) and so are my eyebrows and bikini line.  Body maintenance is so important to me and I am feeling out of sorts in this state.  Roll on the 24th

Well on Friday I knew that my weekend would not be what I wanted it to be. 

As you know I wanted to start my vision board this weekend , so I started to make preparations.  I made a list of what I want to put on my vision board.  So  I printed off pictures of a red Mercedes SLK 250 convertible (it’s my dream car), my dream wedding dress, my dream engagement ring and finally a picture of my girl crush, the gorgeous Shakira.

Why Shakira, you may ask?   For 2 reasons. 

First, I want to be realistic about my goals.  I will not get the body of Kate Moss as we are a different shape.  The lovely Shakira has curvy hips and a curvy bum and nice toned tummy.  We have a similar body shape and we are a similar height.  Now I am not blessed genetically like the gorgeous Shakira but her body shape is something to strive for.    

Also, Shakira is an astute business woman.  With fragrance, jewellery lines and the fact that she is an ambassador for Unicef and other charities, I think that to be more like Shakira isn’t a bad thing.

Keith and I decided on Friday when it was quiet to look through and find some photos of Shakira and Keith opted for the photo of her in the She Wolf video writhing in a cage wearing a flesh coloured leotard and some killer shoes. Hot!!!  And I mean....honestly.  I would totally give up cock for Shakira.  So I went to print the picture off. 

Well, the lovely Shakira must have been so hot that 5 seconds after I hit print and the photo was being printed, the printer beeped....paper jam.

Keith looked at the printer and well, Shakira completely jammed the printer.  I mean, proper jammed the printer.

Simon got wind and well, let’s just say that a shouting match happened.  Keith tried to defend me but to no avail.  

I felt really sad.  Was this an omen?  Were my dreams not compatible with Simon’s?  I instantly felt horrible. 

Simon was effing and jeffing trying to get the paper unjammed.  Keith tried to joke but Simon wasn’t having it.  After about an hour, Simon was able to unjam the printer by dismantling it.  I kept my head down and put my music on. 

Later on in the day, I felt a tap on the shoulder, it was Simon.  Truce, he said.

He then handed me 2 pictures of Shakira that he printed off.  Truce, I said and smiled back.

I then got a text message from Rita.   She was upset because the guy that she is seeing behind her boyfriend’s back wants to buy a house with his current girlfriend.  She was in a bad way.  So I told her to come up on Saturday.  I wanted to do my vision board but she’s one of my closest friends and I do my best to be there for my friends.

So on Saturday I rocked my new red long sleeved Maxi Dress with my new waist cinching belt and completed the look with my knee high black heeled boots.  Fabulous!!!

Rita was a mess.  I mean a sobbing mess.  We went to the pub and Rita offloaded.  To be honest, I didn’t really listen.  I just nodded, gave the odd cuddle and tried to sympathize.  But honestly, cheating on your boyfriend with a guy that has a girlfriend.....that isn’t very smart is it?

Anyway, with my new healthy and clean eating regime, I was finding that when I  drink, I get drunk quicker.  3 glasses of wine later, I was feeling happy.  I mean really happy. 

It was time for Rita to go.  We walked back to the flat and she drove off.  I got in and kissed Simon and told him that I am so grateful that we are uncomplicated.  He smiled and kissed me back.  Sigh.  Being uncomplicated is the way to go....

By that time it was around 4pm.  I was going to have to start cooking and such.  So I didn’t get my vision board started.

Saturday night I didn’t sleep.  Simon kept me up all night snoring.  I went to the front room and decided to try and sleep on the couch.  Bad idea.

I woke up with a sore back.  It’s a concentrated spot where the shoulder blade meets the back.  It feels like a knot but there is no knot.

I went to my Personal Training session and had the worst training session that I ever had.  My trainer said that I had a good session but I felt like my body wasn’t functioning.  When I got home, my back was so sore.  I took a hot shower to try and relax it (baths are not my thing....I get bored and scared that I am going to drop a book or my iPad in) but it was still sore. 

So for the rest of the day I tried to make myself more comfortable.  It was hard.  I started to read teh magazines that I bought to use on my vision board.  

So before bed, Simon gave me a lovely back rub with massage oil.  It hurt when Simon rubbed over the source of the pain.  His massage helped quite a bit.

So here I am.  My back is still sore, not as bad though.  I took a day off from the gym.  I’m letting my back heal and I’m back at it tomorrow.  Simon is giving me another massage tonight.  It's much needed.

I’m gutted because I didn’t get to the vision board.  I read all the magazines that I am using though!!!  I think that through out the week I am going to start cutting up the bits and pieces.

So there you go!!!  In 11 days, I am off to Amsterdam so I am using that to keep me sane.   I am so psyched, I cannot wait!!!! 

So until next time, Ragers and Ragettes!!  Keep your head and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of Love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

On Keeping My New Year’s Resolutions and Thoughts on 2015

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!  I am feeling very good today on this cold Tuesday afternoon.  My outfit today is amazing.  I am rocking my black peplum jacket, a white vest, my super skinny jeans, a statement necklace, bracelet and earrings, my new 6 inch platform stiletto Mary Janes and finished off with my cobalt blue patent leather handbag.  And my red lippy of course!!  Fab-u-lous!!!!  This is one of my favourite outfits because you can make the outfit stand out by putting different shoes on or a colourful scarf or quirky colourful accessories.  I love block colours personally as they are very catching and always in fashion. Today,  I decided to have the handbag do the talking.   As you know, I am trying to get more jewel tones into my wardrobe.  I have recently been loving cobalt blue, hence the bag.  I bought a top not too long ago and I intend on buying more jewel toned pieces.

Well, one thing is for sure today.  Betty Rage is feeling very smug.   Why do you ask?  I have stuck to my New Year’s Resolutions.

January 12th is the day that most people will break theirs.   I haven’t and I don’t intend on doing so.

My weight loss goals?  I feel on track.  I have lost 6 pounds so far.  My food is so much better, I am exercising 5-6 times a week.   I feel stronger, sexier and I am confident that I will succeed.  My Personal Trainer is amazing.  I mean, she’s inspirational and I owe a lot to her.  Suzanne and Simon have been perfect support to me.  I definitely feel more comfortable and confident.

I have been wearing make up to work and dressing nicely every day.  I feel instantly better.  Like today’s outfit I feel sexy strutting around in my stilettos.  I feel like an Amazon.  My armour is on. 

I have been taking time to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face and I am seeing a difference.  Along with the 2 litres of water I have been drinking, I noticed that the skin on my bum looks smoother.  My skin all over looks brighter and smoother.  My facial was definitely a great investment.

The skin on my body looks amazing.  I have been using this gift set that Simon’s parents gave me for Christmas and my skin looks glowing.  I right now feel  healthy and confident.  I just need to get my sleeping sorted.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to address this.

And in 17 days I will be going to Amsterdam.....yes, I am beyond excited!!!! 

So everything is going great for me in 2015.

 I am pretty sure that 2015 will be a good year for me.  I visualise this year to be the year where I finally get my shit together mentally, physically, and financially.

I see myself in summer rocking crop top twin sets, playsuits, and my pulling jeans by my birthday.  I see my jaw line and face with a cute pixie crop and looking gamine

Careerwise, I see Simon’s business going strength to strength and expanding even more.  I see more staff being employed and a bigger premises.

Financially I see money being saved and a deposit put down on a house.

These are the things that I want to accomplish this year.  My positive thinking friend made a vision board of her dreams and this weekend I will be doing that.  So I will be purchasing some magazines and cutting out images for things that I want and desire for this year.  I want to see how many I achieve. 

That’s about it, folks!  I hope you have all stuck to your resolutions and that you are sticking to them! 

Until next time Ragers and Ragettes, keep your head and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of Love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxxxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

On the Importance of Matching Lingerie and a Contentious Handbag

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!  It’s a cold, rainy blah day here in St Helens.  Brrrrrrrrrr!!!  So have taken the fashionable precautions of rocking a black and white jumper dress with black leggings and black ballet pumps.  I am rocking a black rose in my hair and my pillar box red lipstick.  Fabulous!!!!

I am also rocking my new watch that I bought for myself.  It’s a rose gold D&G big blingy watch.  It is typically Betty Rage blingtastic piece.  I bought it because the last 2 years have been hell for me.  I survived and last year I started to break through and find happiness as you know.  Yes, this time last year I was in a different place.

But this past week I started to notice a change in me.  I made a New Years Resolution to take care of myself and my body and mind.  I have been doing that. 

Yes, the little things matter.  On Saturday, I went to get my nails done (I chose a gorgeous shade of purple for my nails....I know it’s not red!!!!  I want to try different colours and try new things) and I opted for a Dermalogica Facial.  I haven’t had a facial for ages and it felt amazing.  I almost fell asleep!!  I had a skin assessment done and bought some Dermalogica products.  I have been using the products since Sunday and it feels great!  My skin is looking very good.

I also started using the expensive body wash pampering kit that I received at Christmas from Simon’s Mother.  I have used the body scrub, body wash, body lotion, hand cream and body butter.  It’s made me feel like a silky goddess and Simon has even noticed the difference in my skin tone.

I have kept my little room clean and tidy and I feel like I am in control.

Every day I have been putting my make up on and doing my hair nicely.  I even bought a new makeup organiser.  I have been in good form!

But the one thing that has made all the difference....I bought matching lingerie sets back home and I have been wearing a different set each day.  I feel so sexy!!!  Like today, I decided to put on a lacy neon pink bra with a matching lacy pink thong.  Simon saw it and let’s just say he approved!!!  You don’t realise how this subtle thing makes all the difference.

I feel strong, sexy, like a goddess.

I am standing a little taller, strutting a little more.  Feeling like nothing can bring me down.  It’s like the matching lingerie has replaced my red lippy as my armour to go into battle.   I feel unstoppable in my matching bra and panties!!!

I think that every woman should have at least one matching lingerie set.  Break it out for job interviews, first dates, any day that you wake up and feel like shit.  It’s an instant mood lifter!!!

The other thing on my mind, as per the title, is the contentious handbag. What is the contentious handbag, you ask?

Well, when I was back home, my dear sweet Simon decided to have a manly bonding day with my Brother-In-Law and his friends.

When he was out doing man things, aka going to man shops (Bass Pro, Field and Stream, etc) and eating man things (White Castle and other artery clogging foods) he decided to buy me a new handbag as my bag that I was using broke.

The bag that he bought is well.....interesting.  It was purchased at an outdoors shop that has guns, knives and crossbows.   It’s Real Tree Fabric and with a outdoorsy mossy camoflougy print.  It has a brown studded handle and a brown rhinestone studded cross on the front.

Now, this handbag shocked me.  The fact that Simon bought it.  Was it a piss take?  Or did he sincerely think I would like this?  I still don’t know this.

Anyway, I treated it like you would treat a cat that gives you a dead mouse.  Oh that’s so nice!!!!  That’s how I was at first. 

The handbag is growing on me though.  It kind of resembles a True Religion handbag that can retail anywhere from £100-£200.

The thing is that I have received a lot of compliments from women on this handbag.  It is a quirky handbag, I have to admit.

So I am warming to it...slowly....and it was nice of Simon to think of me.  So I suppose I will keep it and wear it....

But that didn’t stop me from buying a new handbag!!!  (It was in the sales for £20 and it is blue patent leather with a kitsch bow on it!!)

So there you go.  That’s pretty much what has been gong down in the strange world of Betty Rage.

Until next time Ragers and Ragettes, keep your head and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of Love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Fab Christmas and New Years Resolutions

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!!!  Happy New Year!!

I am sitting here in my yoga pants, a green fleece and my woolly sheep skin slippers at my vanity.  I have just finished the arduous task of unpacking my suitcase and I am on my third load of laundry now.  Exciting, I know!  It took awhile to put away all the makeup and lingerie that I bought.  I should have been given an award for stimulating the economy! I spent a lot but it was all on things that I wanted and needed.

The trip home was ok. I was really stressed and nervous because I was taking Simon home with me.  My parents had met Simon before but my sister and brother in law hadn't.  But my fears were unfounded.  My family absolutely adore Simon!  Phew!!

The time flew by but I was able to do the one thing that I love the!

My first stop was the MAC counter at Macy's.  I properly pillaged that. I bought about $400 (£250) worth of the stuff!!!  I will be good for make up for the rest of the year I think...

Then I went and decided to buy some new lingerie.  I have some lovely pieces but it's time for a change.  So I spent about $200 (£127) on bras and matching panties.  Today I threw out all the old pieces.  It was liberating, I have to admit!!!

I bought some new perfume, Thierry Mugler Alien, a scent that I wanted for awhile a long with the lotion.

I also bought a lot of new workout gear.  A lot of my stuff was 7 years old or more with holes in them.  Plus it fell in line with my New Year's resolution.

I want to get rid of the old and bring in the new this year.  I want to get rid of old ideas, old habits and bring in new and positive things.

So, instead of dieting and exercising, I am changing my outlook on food.  I have signed up with a fabulous new personal trainer for 2 sessions a week.  Plus I joined Slimming World before Christmas and it works.  I have the tools for a new healthy life, it's up to me to use them.

Then my other resolution is to spend more time with Suzanne.  I miss her so much and whenever I see her I instantly feel energized and happy.  So I am going to look to see her more often and take her out to lunch or go shopping.  Friends are so important and ones like Suzanne are like golddust.

I also want to decorate my little room.  It's walls are stark and I think that I need to put some Betty Rage touches on it.  Suzanne is great at that sort of thing!

So it's going to be a packed 2015 for sure so here's to love, living, joy and health!

So until next time, keep your head and standards up and your heels even higher!!!

Lots of Love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxxx