Friday, 6 May 2016

On True Love

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!  Happy Friday to one and all!!!  It’s been a tough few weeks for me as work is picking up.  It’s ok though.  It keeps me out of trouble I suppose.

Today’s outfit is a black and grey skull printed vest with my black cardi and my bell bottoms with my retro Adidas lucky blue running shoes.   I have been going to the gym after work and I find that my beloved heels actually do more harm than good.  My calf muscles seize up and it is just not good at all.  Plus I am walking to the gym from work and then home which is about a mile and a half.  As I am trying to lose weight, I need all the cardio I can get!

As you all know I have 2 cute little guinea pigs and on social media I have joined a few groups that have guinea pig forums.  I have made a few friends on these forums.

One of the frieds I have made is a lovely Swedish man named Lars (Names changed to protect the innocent).  Now Lars and I have become friendly in...well...a plutonic friends way.

You see, Lars is a very special man.  He is engaged to his beautiful girlfriend named Hannah (again names changed). 

The reason why this relationship is special?  Hannah is in a wheelchair.  She suffers from a debilitating bone disease.  She has had this disease since birth.  It’s like a very bad case of osteoporosis. 

But you know what?  She has a wicked sense of humour. She is quick with jokes and smiles.  We have chatted online quite a few times and she laughs at her condition.   She was cracking jokes as she explained that her femur has been broken so many times and her hips are pretty much fucked.  She still smiles, jokes and gets on with it.

Lars though.   He is madly, deeply in love with Hannah.  She is his beloved.   When he looks at her, he doesn’t see a wheelchair.  He sees a perfect woman.  A woman that he loves deeply.  He once messaged me asking about which perfume to buy her as the one that she loves has been discontinued.   What was the occasion?  Well, he loves her and wants to treat her like his goddess.

As she has had this condition since birth, he saw past it and fell in love with the woman.   Her condition never even crosses his mind.   He helps her out around the house but she is fiercely independent.  He supports her in every way possible.

Lars could have picked any woman in this world.  But he chose Hannah.  He is proud of her.  On his Facebook page, there are loads of pictures of them laughing, smiling, and enjoying life.  I think of my past relationships...I have never encountered that sort of love.  Is this a rare type of love?

All I know is that ever since I started talking to this couple, I have realized how much I have taken my body for granted.  Hannah didn’t choose the body that she has.  So I have quit drinking and I am taking care of my body a lot better.  Her strength has inspired me in my workouts and eating.  

What have I learned from all this?  In this world full of dickheads, gobshites and douches, there are good men that can see past physical imperfections and are, well, good men.   For Lars and Hannah’s love is true love.  And I wish for everyone to experience this sort of love in their lives.

So until next time, Ragers and Ragettes, keep your heads and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxxx