Tuesday, 18 August 2015

On Being a Manager

Hey Ragers and Ragettes!  It’s been ages since I have written anything.  Seriously.  It’s been manic!!!  Today I am rocking a leopard print maxi skirt, black cami, black wedges and my bright pink lippy with black and gold accessories.  It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day here in St Helens and I am happy about it!  I have also started listening to the Classical Music channel, Classic FM.  I have enjoyed it.  They say that music calms the savage beast and well my stomach hasn’t hurt, I have been calm and in a good mood.

Well we have had some changes in work.  We have hired 2 new staff members.  This came about when I went to the rugby stadium for a set of interviews for apprentices.   It was an interesting day.  I had the best seat in the house as I looked down on the fit rugby men practicing....droooollllllll!!

Most of the people that attended were young robots in bad fitting suits.  I managed to find 2 people that fit the bill.  The first one named Andy*.  He’s tall, lanky with a great sense of humour and the second one Jasmine is quirky, tough and I clicked with her straight away.

Andy is doing the customer services job and Jasmine is the office admin.  You would think that things are great?  Well here are some issues.

Andy smokes a lot of weed.  I mean loads of weed.  He has the memory of a goldfish and doesn’t get all the work done.  He asks the same question over and over and over and over.  I try to be patient but my patience is wearing thin. 

Issue 2:  Jasmine is great.  She is very quick witted and uses her initiative.  But there is an issue.  She and Keith have started...well....seeing each other.  They sit next to each other and you constantly hear giggling.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like to have a laugh and a joke at work but both Keith and Jasmine are not working.  They were loudly talking about Saturday night and howling with laughter to the point that Simon bellowed SHUT THE FUCK UP when he was trying to talk to me and I couldn’t hear him.

I have had the title of Manager before but I have never managed people.  From what I can see, you are a glorified babysitter.   You can’t get your own work done because you have to answer questions.  You are on standby and you can’t really do what you should be doing.  Sigh. 

In regards to Andy, I am constantly answering questions and Simon is answering questions.  Simon is now starting to get very, very, very, very, very irritated.  It seems that information goes in but doesn’t stay there.  I bought him a notebook and some pens to take notes.  But he isn’t doing it.  Instead of answering emails, he doodles on post it notes.  The amount of times I have caught him...sigh....

There is so many times that you can say, yes we ship everywhere.  No, that stock is due in on Wednesday or where are you up to?  I don’t know what to do.  I have been bullied before at work and I don’t want him to think that I am being a bully.

Jasmine is a great worker.  I like her very much and I feel that she is a great addition to the team.  But when Keith is there work doesn’t get done.  Keith needs to be in the office because he is assisting Andy.  It’s frustrating.  It seriously is.

So I am thinking of moving Jasmine next to me and putting Andy where Jasmine was sitting, next to Keith.  That might work?  I don’t want them to think that I am a total bitch but work needs to be done.

Why are we keeping them you may ask?  Well, they are cheap!  As they are apprentices, you can pay them a lower wage.   But as I said to Simon last night, if you want the best you have to pay for it.  Jasmine, that can be sorted.  She’s smart and she will do great work, I need to just get rid fo the distraction that is Keith.

I have always worked better as a lone wolf or in a pack of wolves that were equal to me.  The thought of managing people is exciting but I’m finding it more stressful than rewarding.  I shouldn’t have to babysit.  I have work to do!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  So if there are successful managers out there, please can you give me some advice?  I am seriously starting to lose it!!!!

So until next time Ragers and Ragettes, keep your head and standards high and your heels even higher!

Lots of love

The Fabulous Betty Rage xxxx